Tap Room Supply

"The Bullet"

Tap Room Supply is proud to introduce the 32oz Amber PET "Bullet", taking craft beer places glass can't go!  With more and more breweries popping up all over the country, breweries are always looking for something to set them apart from the rest.  Not only is this 32oz PET option cheaper than the common glass growler, it is saving breweries money with lower shipping costs with no breakage. Many are marketing this bottle as “green” since studies show that PET leaves far less of carbon footprint on the environment than glass and tin and can be recycled with any type of plastic.  This bottle is ideal for your brewery if you are catering to sports fans, campers, boaters, cyclists or any customer who wants to enjoy your beer where glass is not permitted.

32oz Amber PET Bottle

28-410 Neck - 104/Case

Quantity                   Cost Per Bottle

104-728                         $0.83 each

832-1664                       $0.71 each

416-728                    1 Color Print     $1.23
                                 2 Color Print     $1.63

832-1664                  1 Color Print     $1.06
                                 2 Color Print     $1.41

Screen Charge        $40/color (1 time charge)

28-410 Black PP Ribbed Cap w/F-217 line  $0.07 each

**Bottles are packed 104/case with 1664 per pallet

**Shipping will be determined at the time of ordering, based on volume and location

**Lead time is generally a week depending on availability

** Lead time with printed Bullets is generally 2 weeks at      completion of artwork

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